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Need: clean water vs. fracking

Posted by anne on August 21, 2013 at 1:35 AM

WATER as a PRIMARY NEED.  In my circles we say:  WATER IS LIFE.  

Nestle's evil CEO has been quoted saying that access to clean water is NOT a right.  

Halliburton is making sure we will have more trouble finding clean water as they frack the heck out of the groundwater, bubbling methane and other terrible chemicals through the watertable, venting off the excess vapors trapped in the rock while extracting the liquid natural gas.  If you haven't seen Josh Fox's Gasland, the documentary, please try to see it.  Or check out this website about fracking.  It is depressing, but if we don't stop it, the future will be more bleak.  We can create and choose the world we want to live in, we simply have to all act together.  

Tomorrow is a mass calling to oppose Fracking of our Public Lands.   THen October 19th was the Global Frackdown. The opposition is ramping up.  Join us and protect the water, air, climate.  Y'all!

If you don't know about fracking, Dick Cheney wrote a note allowing fracking to bypass the Clean Water Act, a dastardly deed that has caused terrible destruction of water tables all across the nation, killing animals and people with the toxic by-products and destroying groundwater safety.  This is not all the damage FRACKING does.

 We should not be allowing this, and the Tide is Turning.  What could we give up in order to live sustainably?  Swedes have a pretty good time, as do Germans and Icelanders...we have to decide what and who has power.  We need to organize to undo Citizen's United, for sure.  There is so much to do for those working in social justice and sustainability.  Sometimes it's dizzying.

Please get behind the anti-fracking movement for your children!  --to protect the water.

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