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Partying with the Sugar Mafia to Lake Dorena

Posted by anne on August 7, 2013 at 1:40 PM

Lack of internet access and the way reflection bubbles experience to the surface slowly has this affect:  some of these blog posts are out of order.  This blog post was from the second week of July:.

The Sugar Mafia. Two beautiful and perky ladies founded the best bakery this side of the Mississippi.  They started it in their garage, making cakes and treats for restaurants to serve to their customers.  I was hired, then, as the dishwasher.  I remember one of the owners being so tickled that I was satisfying her dreams: going behind her and cleaning up the mess the cakes left.  I can imagine!  Until then she'd been doing her own dishes, I assume.

She and her sister started the Sweet Life, which rapidly and with great care on their part I'm sure, they began to build an empire that is now known in my writing as 'the Sugar Mafia'.  I love these ladies.  I love their faces, which are always beaming.  I was blissed to be invited to Catherine's party at her new farm location!  I set out from Springfield with a companion this time, Kim, to finally arrive at the party in Crow.

Kim wanted to give up a few times, and I cajoled her to keep going by the thought of Catherine's taco bar and dessert bar for her guests!  I admonished her, none too gently, at some point, "Stop talking, stop thinking so much.  Your brain is using a LOT of sugars.  Get into an Om state and put all your energy into PEDALING!"  We eventually did make it and were rewarded by a few slips down a giant slip and slide made on the hillside which I personally did not even try to resist and stripped down to my man shorts and slid down like a total weirdo!  Feeling sort of cooled off and halfway bathed, I proceeded to mingle and consume tacos.

What a treat to be amongst old friends dancing, sipping or group slamming drinks, playing like kids.  I enjoyed a midnight escapade to a local winery with one of its employees K. who turned out to be a magical being with which I felt privileged to share more healing energy!!!  I felt thankful for my folding bike at this time but also marveled at how weird everything got every time I got into a car, just for the reason that I became less personally mobile and dependent on the car to get somewhere.  

Eventually, early in the morning I opened my camping box and got out the bare minimals to watch the moon arc across the sky. The meadow was full of tall grass but all I coudl see was the moon, which felt hypnotic, drawing at the water within me, my brain swirling with wine and nature and happiness, good friends and vitality that long distance biking brings....and then at dawn there were a crowd of llamas clattering through.

The night was excellent and weird.  Later in the morning, I traded a thorough and healing arts session, at which I enjoyed her lovely company (I tell my her my vision of her as the Sugar Godsister and she says, "cotton balls in the lips," and then in a Boston accent "didya sell the cakes?") for a shower and laundry services, luxury leftovers were a tip as .  Such are the trades of the hobo traveler on the road!  :)  But it was a real pleasure to work with knotted muscles and feel a sense of contribution to the group.  I love giving to her because I think they're all so lovely over there.   And the beautiful ladies of The Sweet Life  and their friends and family are a creative, radiant bunch with whom I always love to play.

After such a raucous party I found it a rough ride to Cottage Grove from Crow.   Alcohol is not the best choice for the long distance biker.  It throws off all of your electrolytes and hydration for a few days, so when I finally arrived at beautiful Dorena Lake, I promptly spread out my tarp and power sprawled on the ground all evening, and after a beautiful swim in the setting sun, and a couple of random conversation with my neighbor campers I slept like a rock for 12 hours.


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