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Posted by anne on August 5, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Cob is a construction material used for hundreds and thousands of years.  It's easily made with simple ingredients, a particular mix of sand, straw and silt 'kneaded' together with the feet and formed into balls which have a plasticky soft consistency, and can be used to make nearly any shape, from house, to bench, to wall.  Read more about the history of Cob Construction HERE.  

There are several groups doing great work in Cob  these days, many of them pioneers over the last few decades... Like Cob Works.  

Images used without permission.

Here are some pictures of old school Cob Construction.

In sleepy foggy Coquille, Oregon, Evans and Linda Smiley founded the Cob Cottage Company in 1989.  They are addressing the need of low cost, durable, self-built housing by spreading information and training about Cob.

This is a worthwhile strategy that will be of high value as we go forward divesting from biocidal infrastructure.  Here is one of the housing component s of the permaculture movement, embedding our living systems gently within the environment.   If you would like to learn this inexpensive and beautiful building technique, there are opportunities for apprenticeships!   As you can see, the Smiley's have elevated cob, perfecting an ancient art...  If you get a chance to go to Coquille and meet these pioneers or take their wonderful classes, good for you!!

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