remembering the value of home...

We recognize our deep embeddedness in and dependence on earth and functioning ecosystems. 

 We know that the 'externalities of capitalism' include the destruction of  future generations to live well.... these costs being paid in perpetuity for  how far past the ecosystem's productive capacity we consume.

We are concerned about catastrophic earth destruction, including the stability of our climate.  Yet most people can more easily see the annihilation of the planet far more readily than visualizing the end of capitalism.  We desperately need change from within our own minds!  Decolonization and discussions about that are welcome.

What is the alternative to Death Culture with its biocidal infrastructure and how do we get there?


what is Sustainability?

These criteria were defined by a collaboration of Swedish Scientists and codified into:

The Natural Step:

"In a Sustainable Society, nature is not subjected to systematically increasing: 

*concentrations of substances extracted from the earth's crust

*concentrations of substances produced by society

*degradation by physical means

*and people are not subject to conditions that systematically undermine their capacity to meet their needs."

Terrafocal is a strategy to apply to many sociopolitical situations.  It is an ethos of considering preservation of the earth and thoughtfulness about earthy cycles in considering the appropriate actions to take and appropriate ways to transform our institutions and habits.
Nearly every one of our social institutions are broken and need to be re-imagined.  Our strategies for energy, transportation and agriculture are biocidal and will not take us successfully into the next century.  Our children will not be prepared for the collapse of ecosystems from overwaste, overharvest and other destruction since problem-solving and thoughtful civic participation are not on the standardized tests about which the schools are now organized.  
If we walk our current models and modes forty years in the future, it looks bleak.   We are decreasing biodiversity and poisoning necessary-to-survival ecosystems.  Our fisheries are collapsing.  Our watertables are being destroyed by 'fracking.'   And so on.  Yet, there is  a reason for hope.  The earth is still regenerative.  If we stop fishing an area, after a few years sometimes (not always) species come to flourish.
In order to let the earth regenerate we must be willing to speak truth to power!  WE must call out those who destroy capacity and externalize their destruction to the detriment of (usually) the poor and us all!  When we unite and rise up to resist the destruction of our ecosystems we are doing so for the benefit of the future.  
The environmental terrorists are BP, Halliburton and Exxon, to name a very few, not people who film the awful meat industry or who spread .  The energy policy which subsidizes nuclear and petroleum industries to our detriment is using our own wealth to poison us.   This is worse than taxing an oppressed population to pay the oppressor, for these have been normalized to the point where we barely notice it.
This website and the terrafocal movement seeks to continue to point out the obvious and resisting the destruction of ecosystems while helping to build sustainable, safe and sensible infrastructure.

Anne Teters

Sustainability?  Why?

Have you ever thought what the opposite of Sustainability would be?  


It doesn't sound like a very good idea.

The machinations of capitalism, especially fossil fuel imperialism, are biocidal. 

We begin to build the human infrastructures and to promote the ideologies that will protect the functionality of ecosystems and life support systems.