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Hierarchies of Value and of Need

Posted by anne on August 11, 2013 at 12:55 PM

I have seen a lot of beautiful places on this trip.  And I took a giant hit to the pavement, one day in Portland over the handlebars. 

I found that I could get up after hitting the pavement and keep riding 3 miles, then ride 40-50 miles a day a few times before giving up, and now that I've returned home, I feel the soft tissue and other damaged the pavement made on my spine, hip, knee, elbow and face.

It hurt more when I saw the millyards was stunned into total desolation by the rate at which the Forest is being taken.  It jarred me like a punch in the gut.  In Coos Bay there is a huge ship that gets filled with these beautiful former trees onto gargantuan metal boats.  There are massive piles of sawdust, that we're turning the forest into.  There are places where you can TASTE the dioxin in the air.  Scroll down for these awful images to remind you why people are jumping up in 400 year old trees to keep them from being taken down.  There is only 4-5 percent or less of the native forests left.  What right do we have to take it?  

One of the most important values in our time, in my opinion is INTERGENERATIONAL EQUITY.

 If we really thought about the world we give to our children and grandchildren, doesn't everyone want our children's children  to have clean water, for example?  Why we have to keep arguing this is because there are people and animals dying all the time right now at fracking sites around the country, and groundwaters are being bespoiled that have sat under the earth for a really long time.  These corporations like HALLIBURTON, have no right to decide that generations from now on will have to buy their water from corporations because Halliburton had all holds released and are not unhampered and bubbling methane and et al through the water tables around the nation, outgassing so many chemicals that local people and animals are DYING!  The watertables that have held clean water for thousands of years are being permanently SPOILED.  What are we going to do about that?  ARe we going to allow it for MONEY to be ruined forever?  IN THE PROCESS, the UPRISE of the RATE of fossil fuel PRODUCTS being shipped OVERSEAS TO ASIA (the purpose for the KEYSTONE PIPELINE and several other projects, many in the northwest, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Idaho all of which in this country are seeing local resistance movements rise up.  

HERE IS WHY PEOPLE IN THE UMPQUA ARE BLOCKING LOGGING  IN THE UMPQUA in CASCADIA.   They are taking the forest so rapidly that there is almost none left.  Literally.  

What can you do?  Get behind these movements.  Many you can visit their action sites.  By showing up and being present, you are giving credence to it as a popular movement.  If the people DEMAND a different energy infrastructure, that is what we will have.  Germany has shown that it's possible.  It's a political thing, based around the amassing of wealth by destroying the world.   The Christians have given the green light to the destruction of the world, because they think the Rapture will save them, and they seem to be rooting for the apocalypse.  This is so horrific and disturbing.  The destruction of the world hurts the poor the most, which is not what Christ wants, I'm sure.   I'm not really sure what paradigm makes fracking or clearcutting logical or necessary.  I sincerly do not understand it.  I think it's psychopathic to destroy 200 species a day like a bunch of pretans.  I cannot stay silent, and I urge you to also speak up with your local community about this or other social justice or environmental sanity issues.  I'll tell you:  the immediate gratification is getting to work with passionate altruistic folks who are warm and colorful!!! 

Visit my links page if you want to find  awesome communities all across the nation with which to resist the destruction of the world.  Please contact me on the collaboration page if you know other communities resisting the destruction of the world by fossil fuels and its infrastructure. 

And I have also seen some awful destruction as a result of the way civilization doesn't take care to 'fill the well' or otherwise nurture the earth which gives us all life (and every other product you can imagine)...

In this post (which I will update over the next 24 hours)  I would like to explore the values that I have come to hold dear.  Money, as a tool to exchange energy, is fine, but when it is used as a marker to disempower whole groups of people and enrich those who already have a lot it becomes dastardly.  What values should our society hold dear?  How do we create the peaceful world we want?  These and more issues, coming up next!!  

In talking about what things I VALUE.  My first is INTERGENERATIONAL EQUITY, or leaving the earth not all ruined for the next generation!! Which keeps happening at an alarming rate?  Did they just kill off the pacific ocean?? Yeah, you know what assisted that ,y'all? The fish nurseries in the gulf of mexico were just deccimated and will not return.  Plankton at an all time low.  Whales choking on plastic.


Every Wednesday I"m going to be writing officials to illegailze Petroleum based Plastics and other 'Down With Fossil Fuels" letters.  I invite you to join me.  In a few days we'll be launcing the Writing Window Wendnesdays!  Starting the first WEDNESDAY in November!  Welcome back then!!

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